Guest Post: Unique Business Cards

This month we have a guest post from Pierre Angela Cruz from Uprinting, about ways to stand out from the crowd with a memorable business card. Individuals and companies invest in business cards to provide existing and prospective clients a way to contact them, should they be interested in the company’s products and services. However, … Continue Reading


Logo Design Basics

Logos are one of my favourite things to design. Their ability to encapsulate the personality and meaning behind a company or product with just a few simple colours and shapes still fascinates me. Design students can often find the process quite daunting however, so I’ve put together a logo design tutorial to help take the … Continue Reading


Guest post: Tips for Dynamic Web Design

This month, we have a guest post, about creating dynamic web pages. These tips are brought to us from Nagendra Singh. There are certain steps which should be followed when developing any kind of website. It may vary from one site to another and also from one designer to another, but the basic steps which … Continue Reading


WordPress Dashboard Basics

This post covers the basics of editing your WordPress website using the dashboard. You need to make sure WordPress is installed on your server first. (If you’re not sure, click here to read a step-by-step post on installing WordPress on your server). Step One Log in to the Dashboard The way to log in to … Continue Reading


Guest post: Keeping your creativity power on


This month, we have a great guest post, about remaining creatively charged. These timely ideas come to us from Celina Conner, who is a Yoga Instructor, an alumna of Martin College and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. Sit back, relax and enjoy! Staying Creative Everyone is creative. In the world where you excel, … Continue Reading

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Guest post: Photoshop Beer Poster tutorial


This month, we have a guest tutorial, where John Lewis shows you how to make this fantastic beer poster using Adobe Photoshop and some free stock photos.


Guest post: How to make a website in 5 easy steps


This month, we have a guest post, provided by Aj Aviado, marketing consultant for You The Designer. He has put together a handy list of things to remember when you are setting up a website.

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Another 50 Inspiring Typography Artists


My last post of 50 inspiring typographic artists was so well received, that I decided to compile another list. This time I was ably assisted by Simon Ålander, Jackson Alves and Bobby Haiqalsyah who all generously hit me up with their awesome lists and I found a few more by poking around on Dribbble and Behance.


50 Inspiring Typographic Artists … and me


I put the call out on Facebook and Twitter recently to see which typographers and calligraphers were inspiring people at the moment. The results were interesting, because very few of them were “typographers” in the true sense of the word, in that, they don’t “arrange typefaces for print”. What they do, is actually use typographic … Continue Reading

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Essential Advice for Freelance Designers


Inevitably, as my design students hit their third year of study, they start to take on freelance projects and then all the questions start coming about how much to charge, how do they invoice, what is an ABN and so on, so I have prepared this blog post to outline the way I do things. … Continue Reading

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